Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 didn’t crash.

I am NOT a fan of Alex Jones… But I’ll admit when someone has a valid point. Even if the guy is normally a total nutcase. So go check this out. I know I was saying my theory was they’d load the plan up, and use it to force a political hand by making a government shoot the plane down with civilians on board, thus creating a huge PR nightmare for whatever government that pulled the trigger… But the longer the plane is missing, the less viable that plan is…

However repainting the plane, reprogramming its transponders, or even just using the plane at a low enough level to not show up on radar could turn this thing into the worlds biggest kamikaze plane…

Think about this, the plane left Kuala Lumpur heading east. Then malaysian air force radar tracked the plane doing a U-turn after flying about 600 miles (best estimates looking at the map). The plane was seen on radar flying west with a slight southern arc to the flight path. Next day a low flying plane was seen by a small island village in Maldives (google map it I had no idea where that was…). At this point it was flying almost due north. If you plot that out on a map they flew out around the southern tip of India, looks like it was just out of radar range for India… Problem with all of this is what is north of these islands is Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran… Out of the 3 Pakistan is the prime choice. They are known to be politically aligned with terrorist organizations, and they are known to have nuclear weapons technology…

Now for a little tech info the Boeing 777-200ER that went missing is one of the long range commercial airliners used today. Empty the thing has a range of about 16,000 nautical miles! Now if you’re like me, you have NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANS… lol. Just to give you an idea, around the equator the total circumference of the earth is just over 21000 nautical miles… So if they didn’t take the long way around, this plane with a light payload could reach practically anywhere in the world. As a matter of fact from Pakistan it’s only a little more than 6000 nautical miles to NYC! And this plane could do that with a full payload!

I’ve included a graphic that shows a few things that have been glazed over by the media. point 1 is the origin of the flight at Kuala Lumpur, point 2 is where the transponders were known to be turned off, and point 3 is where local Air Force radar lost the plane from radar. Point 3 is the area where they are focusing rescue operations. However there were reports coming in from a tiny island called Maldives, it’s a tiny little speck of dirt in the middle of the Indian Ocean. If you don’t zoom way in, you’ll never find it, they’re not even 2000 ft wide.

There are 2 things odd with this, 1. The plane was seen heading north, at a very low altitude, and 2. News stations in the US aren’t really paying much attention to this. I’ve heard it stated, and kind of glossed over, but everywhere else this is big news. Now what’s interesting about flying north over the Maldives is there isn’t much due north of them, except a few places that don’t particularly care for us, like Pakistan… I am only using Pakistan as an example, they could chose from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan… And about another dozen smaller …stan countries. So the possibilities of this plane disappearing into enemy hands is HUGE!

I’m not going to speculate on what could happen if the plane were used as a weapon. I have no idea what target they’d choose, or what they’d do… But no matter what their choice is, it’s not good. This plane needs to be found, and I believe looking for a wreck in the ocean is futile… This plane wasn’t wrecked, it was brought down below 5,000 ft and flown under radar, it was seen doing so a few thousand miles away from where it was believed to wreck…


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